1978 born in Ilmenau
1997 − 2003 Studies at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
  Painting classes taught by Professor Arno Rink
2004 − 2007 Graduate studies (Meisterschülerstudium) at the Academy of
  Visual Arts Leipzig with Professor Arno Rink
2004 − 2008 Teaching position at the Evening Academy
  Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2006 Printmaking scholarship, Hohenossig
2007 Scholarship from the Scholars Foundation, Wuppertal
2009 Eb Dietsch Prize, Art Prize of Gera Bank, Gera
  Il Monte Analogo, scholarship / art project Brenta Dolomites, Italy
2010 Study visit to Iceland
2012 Steinwerk, Leipzig, lithography scholarship
  lives and works in Leipzig

Solo (S) and group exhibitions (selection)

2017 ‚Painting‘ (S), Kunstverein Hohenaschau, Aschau im Chiemgau
  ,uncover‘, Archiv Massiv, Spinnerei Leipzig
  ‚Swamp‘, Galerie Leuenroth, Frankfurt am Main
  ‚River Elbe, Morocco, Sansibar‘ (S), Galerie Thaler, Leipzig
2016 ‚Elbe_Labe‘ (S), Schloß Hartenfels, Torgau
‚maroc‘, Galerie ASPN, Leipzig
  ‚Elbe_Labe‘ (S), Galerie in der Stadtscheune, Otterndorf
‚The River Elbe Cycle‘ (S), Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
  Les Miniatures‘, Galerie Nicole Gnesa, München
2015 ‚Neon Art Auction‘, Kunsthaus Hamburg
  ‚20 Years of New for die Graphics Collection‘, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
  ‚Work review 2015‘, Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig
  ‚In a good Neighbourhood‘, Museum der Bildenden Künste, Leipzig
2014 'towards the sea' (S), Gallery in der Stadtscheune, Ottersdorf
  'I come back with fish' (S), Gallery Leuenroth, Frankfurt am Main
  'Alba' (S), Museum Salzkirche, Tangermünde
2013 'Swathes', Gallery Leuenroth, Frankfurt am Main
  'You are my mirror', Gallery Potemka, Leipzig
  'From the river', Kunstraum Seilerstraße, Griffelkunst, Hamburg
2012 'Wild Cat', Zoological Museum Hamburg,
  with Edgar Leciejewski and Jochen Plogsties
  'Palm thieves', Gallery Leuenroth, Frankfurt,
  with Sebastian Burger
  'Delicacies', City Gallery Altötting
  'Virgin soil in stereo, Part 2', Gallery Tobias Naehring, Leipzig, with Uta Reinhardt
2011 'Old Water', Kunstverein Bitterfeld, Bitterfeld
  'res non naturales', Gallery of the Lithographic Studio of the Spinnerei Leipzig
  Kunstverein Hohenaschau, with Jörg Ernert and Andreas Wachter
  'Virgin soil in stereo, Part 2', Gallery Gunzenhauser, Munich, with Uta Reinhardt
  'Hiking group', Kunstverein Leipzig,
  with Friederike Jokisch, Ingo Garschke and Ondrej Drescher
2010 Annual Exhibition, Leipzig
  'Cones and rods', Municipal Gallery Eichenmüllerhaus, Lemgo
  Art in Architecture, design of the Nuclear Medicine waiting area​​,
  University Hospital Leipzig, with Friederike Jokisch
2009 'Out of town', Kunstverein Panitzsch,
  with Nabil El Makhloufi and Katrin Landa
  'Division luck', Art and Judiciary, Chief Prosecutors Office, Leipzig
  'Without me you stand in nothingness', Gallery Hafen und Rand, Hamburg
  'Painting', Kunstverein Hohenaschau,
  with Petra Ottkowski
2008 'Pampa' (S), Raum Hellrot, Halle
  'Painting' (S), Gallery Casarte, Aschaffenburg
2007 'Le Pays ou` l`on n`arrive jamais', Gallery Antje Wachs, Berlin
  'Since Leipzig' Painting and Drawin, Kunsthalle Witten, Hagen
  Annual Exhibition, Leipzig
2006 'Low mountain range', Gallery Hübner, Frankfurt
  with mit Ingo Garschke, Friederike Jokisch und Ondrej Drescher Ingo Garschke, Friederike Jokisch and Ondrej Drescher
  'Reflections', Gallery Nicole Malmede, Cologne
2005 'Painting' (S), Gallery Hübner, Frankfurt